Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A drawing transfered onto a stocking

It's officially been a year since I've become blog crazed.  No, not since I've started my blog, but since I've become obsessed with reading blogs, and sewing more than I've ever sewn before.  

Last November, 2010, I stumbled upon Prudent Baby, and became obsessed.  Everyday,sometimes a couple of times a day, I would manually go to their website to see what was new.

With the nudge of Prudent Baby I created my first table runner, that was entered into their table runner contest, and with that runner I had my first run with bias tape. 

As Prudent Baby featured other blogs I would check out and read those blogs too, then try to remember what site I visited that had that great tutorial.  It wasn't until late December when I found Blogger where it made my on-line browsing life so much easier by lumping all the blogs I wanted to read into one location.  Yay!

So this time last year my own blog wasn't even a thought in my mind, however, I have a project to share with you from back then.  A project I was pretty please with.

Our family pet is named Honey.  This project was created by merging a Chow and Bull dog together.  Ha!!  Just kidding, she wasn't a planned pregnancy.  We snagged her from a cousin, who suspected her parents neighboring dog got into their back yard.  The black/purple (chow) tongue confirmed this suspicion when the pups were born.  She'll be 3 this coming January, 2012, she is the best dog we've(I) ever had, and yes she is fixed.  We all love her, and my daughter is obsessed with her. 

Meet Honey our Chow/Bull dog mix.  Doesn't she sit so cute, side saddle like?
My daughter is always drawing pictures of her, and last year she went into a Andy Warhol phase where she would draw the same picture of Honey over and over again, in different colors.

2010 Honey bee
As Christmas was getting closer my daughter (at that time 10) was set on getting Honey a Christmas stocking.  We have plenty of stockings from previous Christmas clearance sales, but nothing Honey appropriate, and I wasn't going to pay full price for a new stocking, not even for a cheap one. So of course, being the crafty type, I figured I'd make one for Honey.  I already had all the supplies I needed; fleece and felt.

Hmmm.... but what would say Honey?  Aside from writing her name on a stocking?

You know how that saying goes right?  About stepping back sometimes to get a different perspective on things.  Sometimes you're too close to see what needs to be seen.  Well the same goes for arts and crafts.  I'm wondering and wondering what to do for Honey's stocking, then I unfocus on my blank stare into oblivion and focus on the collage of drawings my daughter has around Honey's bed....

That's it!!!  I'll make a drawing into a stocking!!!

I looked at the drawings and decided upon one that I thought would be best.

I took the selected drawing and made two enlarged copies that I could use as a template for the felt.  One copy was cut out for the main silhouette shape/outline, and the other copy was used to cut out the shape of the face and eyes.   

The brown face and ear pieces, once traced on felt and cut out, were then glued onto the tan felt body.

Next the black and white parts of the eyes were glued into place, as well as the red collar.  I made the stocking out of red felt, and white fleece; glued the Honey felt onto the stocking, and viola that was it.

My daughter was sooo happy with this stocking.  Of course she drew it.  I love it as well.

What kind of stocking making plans do you have brewing in your mind? 

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  1. I love the stocking! so cute and original :)

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