Monday, April 1, 2013

Thrift Share Monday - April 1

Oh Ooohhh!  Believe it or not, sadly, I did absolutely no thrifting this last week.  No thrift stores, no estate sales, and no garage sales.  *Sigh*

That is really depressing.  So this kinda sorta means I have no thrifted finds to share.  Ack!  And I was doing so well with regular Thrift Share posts too.

However, I've realized that there are some thrifted things I haven't posted about.  They've been a bit neglected, and I'm long over due on a post featuring them all by themselves.

What are these neglected, thrifted things I'm talking about?  Well, vintage sheets... of course.  
My slightly organized mess.
It's been months since I've written a lone post on vintage sheets, with the rare mention of even finding any, but that doesn't mean I haven't found any. The occasional vintage sheet find has been exactly that, "occasional", and like many other times they might get missed on being mentioned in a Thrift Share post because they are in the garage waiting to be washed, are sitting in the wash, or lying in the dryer (for days). 

So here we go, my vintage sheet finds from the last several months. 

 I love it when you find coordinating sheets at different locations back to back like the one above and below.

 This lovely blue and green one is actually a twin, maybe full, thin bed spread, with white edge fringe, and it's AWESOME.  I'm still torn on if I'm gonna cut this one up or attempt to sell it as a whole.  There is some very small stains on it and it's fringe with one small tear (that I've seen so far).  So cutting up might be the most practical thing to do.

Don't think I'm gonna continue to hoard these lovelies all to myself.  It's been a long while since I've had Etsy listing for vintage sheet fat quarter bundles, therefore it's time to get some listings back up.  So without further ado you can now view my stash of available vintage sheets on Flickr and re-stock-up on vintage sheet goodness right from my Etsy shop

Happy April!


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