Monday, April 22, 2013

Thrift Share Monday - April 22

One estate sale was literally squeezed in last week, just before I was scheduled to be at work.  It was raining and I got to the sale later than I had wanted, but the rain seemed to put a damper on attendance because the sale was dead.  Good thing though, because that meant I was able to run in and out in almost 15 minutes (that's really all the time I had to spare).

I did my run through and grabbed just a few items.

Some fab aluminum cups.

An awesome set of vintage canisters. There is some funky film, plastic stuff on them, but it's slowly coming off.

Then I spotted what I had seen posted for the sale online.  A gorgeous, sleek, vintage sewing machine.  Way, out of my league....they always are.

This was a four day estate sale, and I'm one hour in on day one. So I ask the host if prices would be lowered on the last day of the sale (usually they are, but this seemed to be a home ran estate sale so I just wanted to make sure).  She asked "Why?" so I tell her I'd be interested in the sewing machine if it was still available on Sunday.  She asked me how much I'd pay for it and stupidly I say half off, it was priced at $100.  Immediately she said "Ok, it's yours."  

DAMN!!!  What?  What just happened here?  Apparently this estate was not waiting around to make a higher priced sale.  Then I had to run to an ATM, in the rain, to pay for this unexpected purchase, and get to work.  (ummmm 8 minutes late.  Ay!)

I've wonder if she would have taken less, stupid me offered $50.  However, with estate sales I've learned some things; like they usually tend to be very strict on prices early into the sale; you don't want to offend with low offers because you never know how they would react, they could be like the Soup Nazi and say "No soup for you!", ban you from buying anything from them; or increase the price just like another estate sale I've been to did.  Nevertheless, I AM HAPPY!

This is a 1947 Singer Sewing Machine, thank you Singer for having the "Date your machine" on your website, and it sews like butter.

Once I figured out how to thread it, with some partial help from Youtube videos (I couldn't find the exact machine, but I got the gist of it) I was able to do some as-seen-on Youtube things like sewing through layers of denim. went through 8 layers of denim like nothing, with beautiful stitches on both sides.  The only way I can express how this makes me feel is this clip from "Pulp Fiction".

Vintage/thrifting is my "drug" of choice, and finding awesome things at great prices, like a working 1947 Singer Sewing machine for $50, gives me a rush, happy, euphoric feeling. 

Oh yeah, mom grabbed these oh-so-groovy orange plastic containers while she made a random sale stop.

That's all I got for you this week.  So does anything you have or do give you that rush, happy feeling?  Aside from love ones.  :-)


  1. My grandma had two sets of those colorful aluminum glasses. I can remember how cold they would get with iced lemonade or iced sweet tea in them on cold summer days. Thanks for a memory! :D

  2. Mom had one of those aluminum glasses - I wonder why there was only one..... You are the second person I've read about in the last 24 hours that found an old Singer machine..

  3. Cool finds and great deal on the machine!