Monday, April 15, 2013

Thrift Share Monday - April 15

Garage and estate sales are in full force, now that spring is here, and it "seems" like I'm stuck indoors at work during prime pickings.  "Ahhhhh let me out, let me out". 

Friday wasn't bad though, I went into work a bit later and was able to make it to an early morning, privately ran, estate sale.  I think I got my prime purchases this day, but they were however on the pricer side.

It was definitely a lamp stop, I got some really nice lamps here, and since they are "functional" and really cool this is how I justify paying more than I normally like to spend.  So here they are.

A yellow swing arm desk lamp.  It's really quite big, and oh so cool.

Then an item I've been eying for some time, but whenever I do see them they are already priced for retail.  A Panther planter, TV lamp, in lime green.

I usually see these panther lamps in black, but the lime green just seems so much more fun and less bachelor pad.  Right?

Last lamp is this double goose neck industrial-ish(?)  desk lamp.  It has some aging, patina discoloring, but I think that adds to it's character.

Well since we're on lamps, and these light up, check out these super cute vintage luminary nutcrackers my mom got at this sale.

I also got this super cute little outdoor metal table. It folds, and it was only $5.  I think that was a steal.  Maybe one day I'll get around to paining it.

Saturday was a busy day.  My daughter had a school event that started early in the morning and lasted throughout the afternoon, plus I still had to work in the morning.  However, I got creative and squeezed in some garage sales between drop off time, performance time, and work, then back to school for the main event.  Ay!

On Craigslist I saw that there was a garage sale close to her school, with the hyped up words of "Huge two home combined garage sale".  I tend to laugh at these type of ads now since they NEVER pan out to be what they claim, but with only 25 minutes to kill before performance time I took my chances.  I got to the sale early, as they were still unloading their horse trailer full of stuff.  I'll admit seeing a horse trailer being unloaded did make me a little excited, however, the substance of it wasn't mind blowing, but I did manage to grab a few items.

Like these antique telephone glass insulators.

I've seen these around, but when I do see them they are pricey.  However, priced at $12, bundled with three other items it was an awesome deal. 

One of the other items that were bundled with this purchase was this (who knows what I'll do with it) accordion pegged rack.

It's huge!!!  Fully stretched it's over 7 feet long, that's a lot of pegs.  Maybe when it sits around for a few years I'll end up using it as a trellis. 

Same sale, separate purchase, I bought another antique ironing board.

Yes, I said another.  I have one I bought last year, that I've done nothing with and it is folded up in my room constantly in my way, but I think they are so neat looking I just had to buy it.  It's was a bit more then what I paid my for my last one, but like I said in the other post I've seen these priced much higher, and the price was right. 

Oh, just a few more things to show.  The prior weekend I did make it to a Sunday estate sale that was on it's third day, with tons of stuff (like piles of stuff still...literally), but it had little to be desired.  However, mom did scrounge up some vintage embroidered table cloths for me,

and I got this wooden rolling cart.

Yup, I need another rolling cart like I need another hole in my head.  I have 6....ok maybe 7 waiting around to be listed/sold, but I just can't seem to walk away from a great priced cart/table.  Hi, my name is Cassandra, and I'm a cart-a-holic.  You can see some of my accumulated carts here, here, here, here, and here (the red one is still on my favorite list....which means I don't have the desire to sell it... yet).

Alright Spring, bring the sales on!


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