Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Faith Hope and Charity Swapping - My swap goodies


What a great way to end Hump day!!

It's been hot, and miserable.  All I want to do after work is get home out of the heat.  So today after some reluctant grocery shopping I arrive to my front door, hands full of grocery bags, to a package on my door step.  YAY!!!  It's from Sam over at The Junk House, for our Faith Hope and Charity Swapping Swap.

I couldn't wait to open it.  My groceries sat on my counter as I took my box of swapping goodness to the back yard to open and take pictures of my goodies. 

I'm really impressed with myself that I did remember to take pictures before I dug into and tore everything open.

So with no further adieu here are my super fantastic gifts.  

Oh wait!!!  This swap was put together by the lovely Lakota over at Faith Hope and Charity Shopping, thank you Lakota!  The swapping guidelines were a maximum spending limit of £12, 3-5 items, one item handmade, one piece of jewelry, and one item from a charity shop/boot sale/garage sale/jumble or similar.

Ok, now here are my swaptastic items.

Check out this lovely handmade pillow!!  I just LOVE the flower embellishment.  *Squeal!*

Next....ooooh what package to open up next!!! 

Next was the jewelry.  Ah!!!  How gorgeous and sweet is this?!!  This rose pendent is absolutely fabulous!!


How great are these napkins?!  A set of 4.  The little poofy flowers are super adorable.  I love it when I find goodies like this when I go out thrifting, and to have them just magically appear on my doorstep how much better could that get?

Last but not least, a very deceiving package.  It felt like a bowl.  As I started to unwrap it it looked like a bowl.

Then......BOOOM!!!  A nestled set of PYREX!!!! What?!!

OH yeah you heard me.

Oh my!!! These bowls are great, and appear to be in mint condition.  Sam, I want your Salvation Army by my house (I don't find great things like this at mine).

I had a casserole dish in this same pattern listed in my Etsy shop, but since I've got a collection of it going on I'm keeping it.  Yay!!

Thank you Sam over at The Junk House,  I absolutely LOVE everything!!!


  1. I'm SO glad you like everything! The pillow was my first attempt making something out of vintage sheets.

    The Pyrex was a surprising find. I decided I was going to get you a piece of Pyrex after that one broke on you. I was on my way to the antique store to buy a piece, but decided to stop at the Salvation Army first. And there they were! I grabbed them and ran to the register!

  2. Fantastic swap parcel, Sam did well. Really glad you enjoyed the swap x

  3. What a wonderful swap! Congrats on your new goodies! New reader/follower from Love Affair with my Brother!