Monday, July 11, 2011

Thrift Share Monday's - July 11

Wow!  I've been MIA with the thrift shares the last two weeks, and barely... just barely making it this week.

I've been a bit overwhelmed with my thrifty finds, and a bit discouraged by the lack of getting items moving along in my Etsy shop.  Therefore I've done the very hard task of steering clear of thrift shops, garage and estate sales, but this weekend I had to get out at least for some mild thrifting.

Thursday I ran by one of my regular stops, where I usually score my vintage sheets, and it did not let me down.  I walked in, down the linen isle, grabbed two, and was out in probably 6 minutes.  I'm glad I made this stop because I scored a fantastically colorful groovy sheet, and a lovely simple floral one.

Friday I made another quick stop at another favorite shop, once again in hopes of more vintage sheet finds, but this shop has been letting me down in that category, but made it up with these lovely 1967 Jamar-Mallory owls.  I did hold back a bit with this purchase since I only purchase 3 out of 5.  There were two others just like the pair, but yellowish.  They didn't scream out to me as much as these three, but the lone owl...omg I just love it's eyes.

Aren't the owls great?  They measure about 11" x 6".

On Saturday I made a weak attempt at some garage sales, but I wasn't in much of a mood for it.  However, I love it when I find plant garage sales. Plants have been another thought in my mind to sell on the side, but I haven't been that dedicated yet to continuously water and upkeep an array of clippings.  So when I do see these garage/home sales of plants I stop to make a purchase even if it's small, simply because I know it would make the growers happy (It would make me happy to sell plants I grew.  You know what I mean?).  I'm glad I did stop because I got this really large Passion Vine for $10.  Now usually I would steer away from such an exotic type plant because I would think it would not last in this Texas heat, but about a month ago I went to an Estate sales where this plant was growing crazily around the was amazing.   So I know it can grow here and I'm determined to have it grow in my back yard. The flowers are gorgeous when it blooms.

My thrifting week/end was small, but satisfying.  It was a good pace.

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  1. I'd have been happy with that groovy sheet, what amazing fabric, love it. And I thought I was a bit over owls, having seen them everywhere for a year or so now, but that bottom one is cute. And I'm not really a fan of ornaments either! So you did well I think.

  2. those sheets are so sweet, love the bright floral ones!

  3. Love those sheets. Vintage sheets always seem softer and more cuddly to me!

  4. I think I would spray paint the owls all one color, but that is me. I love the vintage sheets!!

  5. que blog mas bonito te invito a visitar el mio
    un saludo desde spain

  6. loving the groovy sheet and the owls, just perfect!