Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A Request

So, yesterday my sister emailed me a link to an Etsy shop that sells super cute tooth fairy pillows, and she asked me "can you make this? I'll pay you." My reply was "um yeah I'll make it but you're not gonna pay me for it."

So this is how I spent some of my evening last night.  Working on my sisters request, drawing up a tooth template, sizing the eyes and mouth (pocket) and whipped it all together.  I even had fuzzy yarn that I was able to use for the hair.  (Sorry about the lighting of the pictures....I took these with my phone to send to my sister, then decided to share with you.)

Tooth pillow.  Mouth is pocket to store tooth for tooth fairy, and gift from the tooth fairy.    

The Beatles looked a little too serious this morning.  Thought I cheer them up with the smiling tooth.  
Not too shabby for a random request.

You want one?  Go check out the Etsy shop that grabbed my sisters attention.  The cat and bunny tooth pillows are so super cute.


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