Wednesday, July 13, 2011



Don't you just feel soo happy when you manage to scratch out an item on your long "I want to do list"?  I do.  There is such a sense of content that I finally got around to something I wanted to work on.

It was nothing huge, but it served a purpose and it gave me a sense of security. 

In a post last week I mentioned I attempted to sell at another, my second, market.  The first market I attended I borrowed a cash box from my ex-husband, but having a box with my money in it lying around made me nervous.  I didn't want to have that box lying around this time. I wanted to have my change/cash on me.  Kinda like when we have a garage sale, I'll have a small sling purse across me to hold my cash, but I wanted something a little more user friendly that would be easy access and separate multiple items.  So I made this great utility apron.

I ran across this tutorial who knows when....months ago, and I've kept it in my list (a drafted email of links) of things to do.  Rosey Corner Creations has an extremely well written tutorial, and the apron was so super fast and easy to easy I made two. Like shown in the tutorial I used three different fabrics (sheets).  I couldn't decide on just one combination since I have sooo many sheets.  So I made two and went with the one that coordinated the most with what I wore (brown skirt and white tank top).

With the utility apron I was able to keep my cash on me all day long, and not have to keep my eye on a cash box.  In another pocket I was able to have my phone and Square.  In my third pocket miscellaneous stuff, pen, tags, etc. 

I really love this pattern.  Now I would love to find a pattern similar to this where I could have the rights to make and sell them on a small hand-made level (well make...who knows if they would sell).  Does anyone know of a pattern? 

Next post I'll be showing my progress (beginning stages) of a vintage sheet quilt that I've started since receiving my Accuquilt Go! Baby.  I have a lot of squares to cut.  I thought I had a good amount of 2" squares cut, but I've quickly gone through 175.  How do you quilting machines do it?  It's a lot of work sewing little 2" bits.


  1. Your apron is really cute. I don't have a pattern, but I made similar aprons for myself and my helper at my first craft show. Then my booth neighbor wanted one. I don't sell them in my booths, but my booth neighbors always want one!!
    I wonder if you asked the blogger that wrote the tutorial, if she would let you sell it small scale.

  2. That is one great apron what a fab idea ;-)) dee x

  3. I used to be a subcontractor vendor for Ringling Bros. & Barnum & Bailey circus. the aprons I/we used were a dual layer apron. I kept bills in the back layer pockets and ones and change in the front layer pockets. I really liked that layout because I had a pocket for personal items...cigarettes and lighter etc. Now that I don't smoke I could see it being handy for phone, etc.
    I remember that sheet! The memories you envoke! Thanks

  4. Love the apron and the fabrics you selected.