Thursday, October 13, 2011

"Generation youtube" on 20/20

Did any of you see this episode "Generation YouTube" on 20/20 a few weeks back?  It's about how YouTube has changed the lives of many.  How uploading videos has brought regular everyday people to make a six figure income.  Yup!  You heard me a six-figure-income.  Ugh!!!

I was drawn to this episode. I loved it for the sake on how a regular everyday person can be successful, and how they've become successful just by doing their regular everyday hobby like sewing, or chores (cooking), but they recorded and uploaded these task to youtube.

Sounds simple right? It's a very interesting segment.  Once I found it on-line I watched it again.

I'm no stranger to video tutorials.  I've watched my fair share when I've bumped into sewing hurdles, but I'll admit I've seen more funny clips and music videos on YouTube then any other type of video.  Since MTV no longer plays music videos I go to YouTube for a bit of nostalgia like...

or I just want to smile

or I want to laugh

Ok...ok...I'm getting off of the topic.

Posting video tutorials or maybe funny happenings around the house is something I want to do....maybe.

Since I've started my blog in January, of this year, there was a small thought that maybe I can make some money with my blog, by posting crafty things.  Or maybe I could get free stuff from advertisers...or something like that.  I slowly gained followers, and then it stopped.  Which is understandable. 

I know I lack in a lot of areas.  Picture taking.  Documenting actual projects, and of course regular content inspiring post.  Duh!

I also know why I suffer, somewhat, in these categories.  For one, and this is a secret, no one knows I write this blog.  Shhh!! Well, I say no one.  I've mentioned my blog to two friends, who I know don't read this, and of course I know you all read my silly blog, thank you.  However, my family does not know I do this.  My mom and two sisters whom I'm very close to don't know anything about this.  At least I haven't informed them.  So unless they've Googled Sleeping or Sewing (also the name of my Etsy shop), then they would not know about this.

Why, do they not know?  I'm quiet and shy, to some extent.  I don't like to be critiqued or picked on, and I would be embarrassed if I knew they read this.  Don't know why I would be embarrassed about it.  Maybe because they are not into the crafting thing, and I thrift shop differently....I guess.

So I'm affected by this secret because I live with my mom (double sigh) and I don't have the space to lay all my stuff all over the place to properly take pictures leisurely, messes and all.

My mom and older sister also don't get the Internet.  Yes, they use it, but they don't understand the use of sites like Facebook.  It's too invasive for them, but then they'll ask whats so-and-so up to? (Go figure.)  "Why post what you are doing when you are doing it?"  I understand where they come from, because I don't post on FB saying what I'm doing at that particular moment like "I'm working out" (haha like if I workout), but I do read other peoples post and they could be entertaining at times based on others comments.  I get to see what cousins are up to in California while I'm in Texas, and without FB I could honestly say I'd go years without knowing anything about them.  Sad? Yes, but true.

So to avoid hearing mom with her comments about why am I'm blogging about stuff, or why am I putting personal info out there I keep like a hermit within the realm of my room, and occasional other areas for  pictures; mom just thinks the pictures I take of my thrifted items are for Etsy anyway, not Thrift Share Monday.  Shhhh.

Maybe I just need to become more focused (haha).  Most of my blogging is drafted late in the evening, since I work full-time and have kids to tend to after work.  I just need to figure out where I want to go with my blog, and possible eventual tutorial videos.  Focus on making my blog better (I know I've said this before), to make me feel better about it and more enjoyable for those who happen to read it.  I know I have the drive to do it, but I'm also a pessimist and see  negative in anything before I see the good, and being sheepish doesn't help either or being borderline antisocial.  Ugh!

Are any of you bloggers out there like this?  Shy, don't necessarily talk shop(crafts) out loud with others, but do so in blogs?  Are you reluctant to tell others your ideas face to face, but do it carelessly in blog land?  You just do it because you want to do it?

Ugh!! Am I just rambling for the sake of rambling, or am I just talking out loud to get myself to do something I want to do?  Guess only time will tell.

Maybe I just over think everything.  A few people I know would probably agree to that.  

Thanks for listening.  :-) 

Oh and good luck to all those who do attempt and/or are successful with making money on your blog or Youtube.


  1. I totally get ya. I have my little blog and I overthink many aspects of it (Perhaps it's in a name?)
    One of my troubles is keeping up regular posts with a baby to care for as well. I don't treat it quite like a diary as such, but I really want to help others learn to sew, and diary posts are so much faster than tutorial posts!

    I feel like I beg people to read and or comment on my post, but nobody does. Makes it hard to share it with more and more people, it's like more and more knockbacks.

    I kind of get it though, I personally only read blogs if I come across them myself and have interest in them (Kudos to you, you qualify for that tickbox!), and if I hear "my friend is starting this new...." I instantly glaze over. So what can I expect of others, you know?

    I'm in two minds about mine too. I went ahead and bought domain just in case I get big and famous. It's just $9/year, what's the harm, right?

    I'm going to share a stall with a friend at a local market next month. I've printed some cheap business cards which are in the mail... Maybe it's the start of something big!?
    I'll be sure to blog about the stall LOL
    Until next time....

  2. I had to laugh when I read your post. I have been such a lurker, sorry I haven't commented for a while. I'm usually reading in google reader on my iPad and have to open another browser window to post...Geesh, I'm lazy.
    I did not see the 20/20 segment, but may look it up on youtube...if my internet starts behaving itself. Big lag going on and I have to reset my modem to make it better! AAARRRRRGGGHHH!!!
    I do understand the feeling of being stiffled by those around you and not having the room to do what you want affecting your productivity. I hate the feeling that someone is always looking over my shoulder and judging. I often don't do or say things becuse I'm afraid of what those around me may judge me for it...and I'm not talking illegal or immoral, lol. Around my crafting friends and strangers I am ususally very free with my thoughts...I talk too much in general. I think I'm often an embarrassment to my husband...but I was this way when he married me. And occasionally I'm an embarrassment to me, but I keep creating, or trying anyway. I am happiest when my art/creativity is being productive. Sometimes we just have to let others have their negative or non-understanding views of us, and realize that what they are saying/thinking is their perspective, and not necessarily reality. We NEED to have someone to share our thoughts with. Secrets sometimes consume our thoughts and hinder our creativity. When I'm stuck making a decission in my quilting I ask MR and he tells me what he thinks. It may not be the final answer I use, but it helps me to think about it in a different way.
    A question never asked is never answered. A goal never set is never accieved. I pray you find your space, time and the freedom in your creative voice. AND I always enjoy reading your posts, no matter what they are about. Thanks for trusting us enough to share a very personal post. Blessings :o)

  3. I'm not the only secret blogger! I don't think I've ever told my boyfriend. I'm pretty sure he'd think I'm weird and wouldn't get why I'm sharing our house with strangers. My mom does know that I have a blog, but doesn't really know what a blog is. I think I've told 2 of my friends, but they don't read...