Friday, October 14, 2011

My fav Friday - Rain lilies

One of my most favorite things is what pops up a few days later after it rains...

Rain lilies.

These little beauties start to appear around three days after it rains.

The amazing thing is that here in central Texas we've been in a severe drought and the Rain Lilies still come up after a rain.

You could see here a pretty much dead yard sprinkled with Rain Lilies.  I took these pictures on my way to this is not my yard.  To my dismay, we don't get them in our yard, but I've been debating on buying seeds or bulbs for these online so that this will happen in my yard.  I wouldn't mind these outside my door a few days after it rains.  :-)


  1. They're lovely. Texas just sounds like another world!

  2. So beautiful! I have never heard of rain lilies before, they would probably grow year round in Washington!