Monday, October 17, 2011

Thrift Share Monday October 17

My thrifting has been minimal the last few weekends, and my post have even been fewer.  Sorry, a lost memory card, and now a faulty computer are working against me.  I'm gonna have to ship my laptop away for repairs, but I'm having a hard time wanting to part with it.  I'll have to arm wrestle my daughter to use hers.

I'll be short and sweet with this Thrift Share Monday, and will post a find from three weekends ago.  Wow! Time flies.  It was a lone sale I attended late one Saturday afternoon, and boy was I glad I hit this sale up.  I spotted this Texas Ware set, and I'm slightly familiar with Texas Ware, but I haven't seen much of it.  So as soon as I turned over one of the cups I knew this was something worth buying.
As I'm looking at it the hostess asked if I have a little girl and I should buy it for her.  So it sounds like she is wheeling and dealing to make a sale.  Then goes on and talks about how old the set is, and remembers buying it 35+ years ago.  So I'm thinking "Oh no, it's gonna be pricey".  I ask how much it is.  $1 and now half off since it's late in the afternoon.  Holy (explicit)!  Yup you heard me, 50 cents for this 10 piece set.   This is how I should roll more often.  What a great deal!!



  1. 50 cents!?! What a great find!

  2. Holy....! is right!! LOL! What a deal! And it's AQUA!!