Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Star fruit vintage sheet pillow

OMG!! I'm having camera and computer issues over here.  I've missed the last two Thrift Share Monday's due to losing my cameras memory card and now my laptop is not reading my new memory card.  UGH!!!  So for now I'll attempt a post taking pictures with my phone.  Blah!

There is this tutorial that has been on my to-do list for months now.  It initially landed on my list as a to-do pincushion, but just recently it got scaled up to a pillow once I revisited the tutorial.

The pillow/pincushion is made up of 15 squares, and when I revisited it it was an "ah-ha" moment.  This project could be done so quickly, at least cutting wise, with my Accuquilt Go Baby!.  Not only that but I already have quite a few spare 5" squares cut out.

So Sunday morning not long after I woke up I decided I needed a project to work on that could possibly be completed for that sense of satisfaction and accomplishment.  I then proceeded to open up this tutorial by Matching Pegs for the star fruit pillow.

Top of pillow
The tutorial was very easy to follow.  Once I got started I thought this was gonna be done under and hour, but I decided not to rush, since that usually means a lot of seams to undo due to jumping steps (eh hem....I did do that once in this project).  So in total it was just over 2 hours to finish, stuffing included.

Side of pillow
I'm really happy with this project, and would love to make a larger one since the one in the tutorial looks soo big.  Obviously we all know an inch does make a difference, and an additional 15 inches would make this pillow a lot bigger, since the tutorial used 6" squares and I used 5" squares.  What were you thinking when I said an  inch does make a difference? O:-)

Bottom of pillow

Thank you Matching Pegs for such a great tutorial.