Monday, October 24, 2011

Thrift Share Monday October 24

Hi y'all!!  Hope you all had a great weekend with lost of thrifting treasures.   I've managed to score a few.

My biggest find...

A set of Butterprint Amish Pyrex in excellent condition.  Yup this set was just sitting waiting for me all bundled at a high school fund raisers, at 10 in the morning.  I had a late start, and I'm so surprised it hadn't been snatched up.  I scored a Butterprint mixing bowl a few months ago...looks like I'm acquiring a collection of this pattern.

My smaller scores are ...

this turquoise Avon jar, $1...

a 1963 Duraglas 8 oz jar, $1

and a vanity mirror tray, $1.  *I see this gold tray and want to paint it black.*  (Sing it like the Rolling Stones "Paint it black".) I want to paint most things black. 

I'm sooo happy with my finds.  Now if I could find stuff I actually want to part with and sell on Etsy  that would be awesome.  I was just looking at the Butterprint Pyrex bowl the other day and thought to myself it's time to sell it, but now that is has friends, it's back on the hold list.  Ugh!!!


  1. Nice finds! LOVE the Pyrex. It has gotten so expensive- you found a great score!

  2. Wow, such great finds - I never have such luck!!

  3. Just found your blog, love it. take a peek at mine.
    I have joined as a follower.

    Thank you for sharing.

  4. I love everything! I definitely would have bought all of those...good thing we don't live near each other! haha!

  5. Great pyrex find! Lucky you! (Maybe all the blue masking tape hid it!)

  6. Wow!! So jealous of your Pyrex find! I can't believe all of that was only $10 - & they all have lids!!