Thursday, July 19, 2012

Do you want to test/try a headband? Free

So, I've whipped up some headbands that I'm thinking about selling at next months Austin Craft Riots Summer Show(yeah I know, I like crunch time).  I got the design from a head band I bought at the mall, and even though  they seem to fit like the one I bought I want some other opinions on the fit.

I love the way headbands look on other people, but I don't wear them, on me it doesn't seem to have the same effect.  Maybe it's my hair, if it was fuller then it might have the effect I'm looking for.  Some people have that great full, curly, out of control hair (which if you do I know you probably hate it), that holds well with headbands.  A cloth headband like these on my flat, limp hair just slides right off.   Also I don't have a home hair stylist to fix my hair daily like Flo, from Progressive. 

Anyways, here is where I need you.  I would like some testers to tell me how the headband feels/fit.  I know everyones head is different so they won't fit the same on everyone.  Just tell me what you think.  

I got 4 I'm giving away.  They are all made from upcycled, vintage sheets.  If you are interested just leave a comment with your email address so I can contact you to get your mailing address.  Also leave in the comments which one you want.  It's first come first serve so look in the comments to see which one has been taken so that I don't have more than one person requesting the same headband.

Elastic/back side of headband.
The headbands measure approx. 20", not stretched, and the fabric is 8" wide.  When the headband is stretched the fabric gets pulled taught and it has a scrunched up look, but it could also be spread out for wider
coverage, which might work really well for those of you with really full hair. 

Right now I have two tacked down, #2 & 4, at a section of the head band to prevent the headband from being completely spread out, but it could be quickly removed with seam ripper if you want the wider coverage.  I'm torn right now if I should even bother with tacking it down.  
If you are a tester it would be greatly appreciated if you could give me a quick turnaround on your opinion of the headband once it is received, you could leave your review/opinion here on the blog or email me.  

OK, then who wants one?


  1. I want one! I'll happily be your tester. I've always admired these type of headbands, but never bought one...or had the time to make one of my own. I like #2! I'll even write a little review on MY blog!

  2. I'd love to try out #4 or #3 - I have fine smooth hair as well, but have been in the market for headbands for when I'm running.

  3. Thanks to the both of you. I got two more left #1 & 3.

  4. Looks like I am number 4 so I will be happy to test the one that is left.

    1. Oh- I thought your comment was for one of the bands. I would like to try #1 then. Thanks!

  5. I'll try the one that's left, I wear these to work out :)

    laura (at) polkadotzombie (dot) com

  6. oh shucks, I missed this...if there is one left over or if you can't contact someone, please put me on the list!
    thanks :)