Sunday, July 29, 2012

My Craft Space. Part 2

Last week I shared with you a portion of my craft space, Part 1.  It was terribly disarrayed, but eventually it got neatly organized.  Yay me!

My next space I was to tackle was my dresser, a catch all space, that really needed clearing.  At one point it held fabric on it, but that eventually all got moved to my desk.  Then the dresser got lost under interfacing, thrifted goods, unfolded sheets, and miscellaneous items (I thought I took a picture, but couldn't find it.).

Here is what it looked like earlier this year, piled with fabric.  Fabric that now has been neatly organized as seen in Part 1.

After organizing the dresser I've managed to get it down to this.

The small shelf in the center holds some finished zippered pouches, and bunting.  Along with cups holding little odds and ends.

Shelf holding zippered pouches, and fabric headbands lying in the front. 
To the left I have three wooden, chalkboard bins containing vintage sheet scraps by size.  One bin has pieces that are a few inches under a fat quarter, another with pieces around the size of a fat eighth, and the third pieces smaller than the two others.  I did this with the intentions of bagging these pieces for scrap pack bundles, one day I'll get to that, at least I'm one step closer in that direction.

Then to the right I have a wooden tool box(?)/shoe shine box with my rolled up chalkboard mats, and finished folded market bags, purses and aprons.
Rolled up chalkboard mats in the back, and purse and aprons folded.

I have way more things than I have surfaces for, so it's a more cluttered than I would like, but for now it will have to do.  At least it's an improvement.

My next area to get put together is my sewing table.  It has seen some really bad times (like the image below).

See the light in the back?  It wants to be the Tin Man, wearing a funnel instead of a lamp shade.  Silly lamp.

Yikes!  Did that frighten you?  Sorry I should have given you a warning (something along the lines of "if you are a neat freak do not continue"), but it really has seen worst times then that (yeah...much worst).  I currently have access to it, and it's much better usable.  I know I wont accomplish craft magazine worthiness, but I can at least get it to where it makes me happy(momentarily, because we all know organized, or somewhat organized, areas don't last).  :-)


  1. I love the letterpress drawer as a thread organizer. I have a couple that I love but haven't found the perfect use for, until now. Thanks!

  2. No, that didn't scare me - my craft room used to look just like that! And it probably still would if I didn't empty it out to paint! I love the chalkboard bins! Did you buy those somewhere or make them?