Monday, July 9, 2012

Thrift Share Monday - July 9

Sigh.  Estate sales were  non-existent this weekend, due to the holiday weekend (the 4th of July got extended I guess), and I missed all garage sales on Saturday since I was participating at the Austin Flea.  I love this market, I've been really consistent with my sales here, and I'm getting repeat customers now.  Wish there were more, inexpensive booth, inside markets like this around town.  In this Texas heat I just can't justify vending at an outdoor market....I've been thinking about it, but haven't convinced myself yet.  

I ventured to the thrift stores twice this week, and I found a piece of Pyrex I've pretty much doubted I'd ever see in good condition.

 It's pink!

  From what I hear this is very hard to come by, and I believe it.  I've seen some "captive" pink Gooseberry with other vendors, and that stuff is priced sky high.  So when I saw this solid pink colored Pyrex in fab condition I grabbed it right away, $4.99.  For a smaller piece of Pyrex this is a little higher than what I would like to pay, but I made an exception since it was pink.  Usually Any solid colored Pyrex I've seen in the wild is in very bad condition, they are usually foggy, faded, and scratched horribly. 

I also grabbed these two mugs.  I thought they were very cute just to have. Even though they had the vintage-ish look, I wasn't sure if they were.  The funny thing is when I grabbed them my 12 yr old daughter who was with me made a gross look and said "but someone already licked them".  Ha!  That does sound unappealing when it's put that way, but I bought them anyway.  At $1, for both, they were too cute to leave behind. 
Made in England, Elizabethan Portobello bone china
Later looking at them, and not being fluent with my china.  I saw that they are bone china, which I also looked up and learned that bone china is actually made of bone, bone ash (another non-appealing thought), and apparently they are vintage.  Yay!  Don't think I'll part with them, but it's good to know I can add them to Etsy once the it's-new-to-me feeling has worn off. 

Next I got these.  Super fab milk glass lamps. 

Silly me.  I almost walked away with just one, but knew I might regret leaving the other behind.  I sooo need lighting in my windowless loft/bedroom, and these will go perfect with the milk glass craft area look I'm trying to accomplish.  They were $9.99 each.  Now the trouble of finding lamp shades that will work for them.  I'd greatly appreciate ideas, and/or links to lamp shades that might work. Really send me ideas.  PLEASE!  Including the harp they are about 28" tall. 

Since I missed garage sales on Saturday, I sleepily looked up online to see if there were any sales Sunday morning while still in bed, and saw a couple.  So I quickly rolled out of bed and headed out.

At one sale I grabbed these two hat/suitcases, $5 for the pair.  Score!.  So super cute!  They'll be fantastic display pieces for the fair I'll be attending next month. 

The other sale was marketed as a hoarders sale, the garage was piled high, and extremely dirty/grimey.  I thought about taking pictures, but didn't want to be rude.  It was sad seeing stacks of unwrapped 45's stuck and melted together, and even vintage sheets lying around stained with oil and age.  I managed to squeeze out a small index card filing drawer, and grease canister.  I would have liked to do a bit more digging, but the scurrying bugs was a HUGE deterrent.  I decided to walk away before I was scarred by the scene. 

Did you have any luck junking/thrifting last week?

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  1. Pink is very hard to find but I`ve just been reading a few blog posts and you`re not the only one that has been lucky spotting some pink!! Nice!