Monday, July 2, 2012

Thrift Share Monday - July 2

Happy Birthday to my little MT.  He is 9 today.  I asked him what would happen when he turns nine.  He said "I'll get bigger and stronger."  Aw!  My little boy it gonna get bigger.  :-(  Where did my itty-bitty babies go?  On the plus side, they are no longer babies, and they can somewhat fend for themselves. 

So onto my thrifting/estate sale finds. 

Got this, in fantastic condition, sewing chair with seat storage that is filled.  I still haven't gone through whats inside yet, but look at the picture I see some pinking shears, a new seam ripper....

Another metal shelf.  That matches the one I bought a few months back, but smaller.  I'll never beat the price of $1 for the large, 3' x 5',  shelf I got at a church sale, but for $4 this smaller one, 3'x3', is still a great buy.  It'll be perfect for markets as well.

Salt and pepper shakers.

More shakers, but they are stacking Tupperware shakers. 

This super cute Bisquick canister, with recipes on the back.

I got this roll of fabric (it looks like toilet paper in the picture, but it's really fabric), and I'm not sure what kind of fabric it is.  It doesn't seem to be cotton.  Anyone familiar with fabric being sold this way?  It's about 6 inches wide by who knows how many yards...maybe 10(?).  The question is what am I gonna do with it, you know sometimes you just can't pass things by, and at $2.50 I wasn't passing it by.

Last but not least vintage sheets.  Yay!  Last week I had two orders for vintage sheet fat quarters, which totaled 100 fat quarters.  So that put a dent in my sheet stash, but I guess the vintage sheets fairies were watching because I got a great big stack of them this week from a thrift store and estate sale. 
This has been one of my favorite patterns. I've had this sheet before that I've made into a bag, and I've used it as a part of my shop sign. Now I have three times as much, top and fitted sheets and pillow cases.  Yay!
 These are absolutely gorgeous!

I love finding matching patterns in different colors.  I got these at two different locations.

 One is even brand new.

 And got these


See all the vintage sheets that I have available on my vintage sheet Flickr page, and you can pick your own fat quarter bundle through my Etsy shop.

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Did you have any good finds last week?


  1. Gorgeous, wonderful finds. I'm intrigued, I'm in the UK I have a duvet cover of your favourite, a pillowcase of the new in pack and 2 sheets of the blue. I don't think any of them had labels on that I could read, I assumed they were UK made but maybe they are of US origin..can you read the labels? I'm off searching today...

  2. The Bisquick tin is really cute!!

    I have my Mom's set of stacking Tupperware shakers - they're so colorful!

    1. The 'fabric' is actually an embroidery stablizer. When someone has an embroidery machine you use this as a backing so the embroidery doesn't pucker up. $2.50 is a good price. You can probably sell it by the yard on Ebay. If you can tear it, it is a tear away....and if you can only cut it, it is a cut-away.

  3. WOW, I am drooling over that sewing chair! It's a treasure chest :)
    Love the pretty sheets too...