Monday, July 23, 2012

Thrift Share Monday - July 23

Dang!  I got some extremely fab vintage items this weekend, and probably my most unusual find/purchase(doubt I'll ever top it).

I really hate it when I find super cute stuff because I tend to not want to part with it, however, 75% of the reason why I thrift is in hopes to turn my finds around into a profit.  Ugh!

Look, how can I part with these?  They are milk glass spice jars, and so fantastically fantastic (yup I just said fantastically fantastic.) I got them for a great deal, and who knows if or when I'll ever bump into something like this in the wild again.

Most of them still have the shaker lid.

I got these sets of vintage canister awesomeness.

Then there is this little find.  My mom dug this out from who knows where at this estate sale, it wasn't priced so that was even a better chance to get a great deal.  It was $3.  We were getting ready to check out and mom was debating on this little vase, she was talking about putting it back.  It was really cute, and something about it was appealing so I grabbed it from her since she decided she didn't want it (her Jedi mind trick way to get me to buy things).

When we got home I looked it up and the artist of this little folded vase sells these on Etsy for $64.  Yup, mom has an eye for ceramic and cement pieces.  Remember the bench she got a few months back?  It was a $395 bench that she bought for $20.  Man I love garage/estate sales.

This estate sale was one of the highest priced sales I've been to when it comes to smalls, in my opinion.  They had glass lidded mason jars for $5-$8, that I've bought full price at other estate sales for $1.75.  This was the second day of the sale and even though items weren't 25% off, they were accepting offers.  So that made things a bit easier, pocket book wise, and I went back on Sunday for 50% off, and got a few more random small items.

This Everlast hammered aluminum ice bucket.

And all these smalls.  Yes I broke down and grabbed a couple of the mason jars at half price.

 They had several old sewing machines the first day I went to this sale, and they were all gone the following day.  I'm surprised someone didn't grab this sewing machine accessories tin since it was filled with sewing machine feet.  I bought the tin because I thought it was cute, but now I don't know what to do with all the feet.  Oh, and I got that super cute, silver, loose tea spoon. 

I was really eying an item that was way too big and still not in my price range even at half off ($80 full price).  So when I was checking out I offered $20 for the item if it was still around at the end of the day (I was counter offered $25).  So when the end of the estate day arrived I was debating about the item with my mom.  Do I call to see if they still have it?  What would I do with it?  If anything I would turn around and resell it on Craigslist.  I opted not to call....but then decided to call.  What if it had sold, but I would never know and it would be on my mind for who knows how long.  So if it sold then that's off my mind, right? 

Hell!!!  They still had it, so I made a rushed call to my brother-in-law to borrow his brand new truck to pick it up, and here it is.  My most off the wall, what the hell purchase.  At first I thought it was a bell hop, hotel luggage cart, but there is some pharmacy supply company label on I'm guessing it's a hospital supply cart or something of that nature.  Do you know what it is?  It's big too, about 5'x 5 1/2'.

So what do you think?  Is this a what the hell purchase?  In my perfect world this would have fit perfectly inside my car, and I'd use it to cart my craft fair bins at shows and use it as part of my display, but since it's wider than my car I can't so I'll just hoard store it in my garage.  I did put all my bins and some other items on it.  Which will make moving things around in the garage much easier since I have soo much stuff in there, I'm frequently having to move things to get to things behind other things, now all I have to do is just roll the front row of things to the side.

Ugh! I need to start moving(selling) my vintage stuff, I'm doing a lot of buying and not listing.


  1. I love those milk glass spice jars! I've never seen anything like them at any of the sales/shops I've been to. Oh, and great score on that vase! Potential for big profit there. The cart is definitely a WTH purchase, but I like it! Even though I have no idea what you should do with it other than in the garage to move stuff easier.

  2. I LOVE the cart and think it will make a FAB TV stand!!! OR, it would look cute in a laundry room with sorting baskets on the base and you can use the rods for items on hangers or air-dry items (or to store tablecloths wrinkle-free).
    Nice finds!

  3. I don't know what you paid for that spice jar set, but AWESOME!! They always go so high at auctions, that I'll never get my hands on one. Let alone a complete set! Go you!!

  4. What a fantastic thrift weekend you had, congratulations!

  5. Another idea: add shelves to the cart to make a display unit like this one from Restoration Hardware -
    What a great baker's rack!

  6. Amazing finds this week! I particularly love the spice jars (I'd probably have to keep them, too :) and the hammered ice bucket. The rolling cart thing is pretty cool, too. Not sure what it is, but I bet it'll come in handy someday!

  7. Wow! These are great pieces! Love antique kitchen accessories, especially the canister sets! Gorgeous!