Monday, July 30, 2012

Thrift Share Monday - July 30

Am I being ungrateful, by this weeks finds?  I did find some good stuff, but my estate sale week started early,  AND I ventured slightly out of town therefore had high hopes of scoring things outside from my usual haunts, but I did not end up with a car full of junk with as many places I went to.

Here's what I scored.

Tuesday I went to the rare, odd mid-week estate sale (not ran by a company).  It was a small duplex that was needing to be cleared by the end of the week.  I got got some really cool vintage 1970s Marvel Comic, Pepsi glasses.  These are currently listed individually on Etsy.

And some milk glass Fire King Custard cups, 12.  I already have 10 that I've had a hard time telling myself to list on Etsy.

Wednesday was another home ran estate sale.  Not a ton of stuff here, since they were slowing bringing things out throughout the week.  However, I did get these great red patio chairs.

No, they are not vintage, they are new, and I was not gonna ask how much they were, but did anyway.  $50 for the pair.  Hmmm, even though that's a good price for the pair, that was still too rich for my blood.  So I offered $35, and it was accepted.  Score!!  I knew these were way more pricey than what I got them for, and this weekend I saw them for $58 each at a store. These are mine!

Here is an unusual occurrence.  The weekend before at an estate sale I saw a glass head for $25, but didn't want to pay that much, so the next day I went back in hopes it was still there so I could buy it half off, but it was gone.  Then at this Wednesday sale what do I see?  Yup, a glass head, $10.  Uh yeah I want it.

What would I do with a glass head you might ask...well display my new fabric headbands of course.  :-)  They could be worn narrow, scrunched up, or wide.  I'll be adding some soon to Etsy.
Fridays, estate sale was a dud, we went to lunch and spent 1 3/4 hours sitting in my car in traffic on our way home.  A drive that would usually take 25 minutes with no traffic, and maybe 45 with traffic.  Holy Cow!!!  It was horrific!   

Saturday my mom suggested we venture out of town for sales, since I didn't have the kids.  So we went a whopping 45 miles out of town to the cute town of New Braunfels, TX.  I'll admit it was nice driving around the town, through some of the neighborhoods.  However, I had really high hopes though to get a ton of vintage goods from an area I don't venture out to, but was really disappointed.  Two estate sales, and 5 thrift stores, and this is what I got.

Pyrex mugs
These long vintage vases.  Any one know what these are officially called?  I'm seeing different descriptions of them online.  There are no markings on them.

 Pfaltzgraph 3 quart casserole
 And some vintage coffee pots, Pyrex and Corning Ware

How was your week thrifting?


  1. Amazing finds - the problem is you have some great finds and then find nothing it is so disappointing. I'd not found anything in our local charity shop for months and then on Friday I found 11 sheets, (3 singles the rest doubles)! On Saturday I had to walk past and thought I would just have a quick look in and I found 5 sheets and 11 pillowcases! Someone had had a clearout and I was the lucky finder! Yesterday there was nothing!

  2. I think I left a comment already unless it did not go through, if it went through.. sorry for a duplicate. I was wanting to know if you had found anything about those green long vases? I have one, it was my grandmothers and I know it dates to at least the 70's, theres no markings on it. I have found simular online from around $39.99 to $75.00. I am wanting to sell mine but I won't unless I know more and have a correct price for it's worth. The opening of mine is slightly different then yours, it looks more like the smaller ones opening then the larger but I previously have had long stem artificial flowers in it.